Lexus NX is a great looking model and this is why we did not see any reason to deliver a facelift version of this car. But Lexus wasn’t on the same page with us and they have unveiled the 2018 Lexus NX facelift during the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show.

On the design side there are not much to say. We see a slightly but slightly revised headlights, new tailpipes and…this is all. 

Inside the cabin, the engineers have tweaked the upholstery, have put more interesting materials and have updated the infotainment system. This time, the 2018 Lexus NX facelift uses the 10.3 inch display.

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Under the hood, the 2018 Lexus NX facelift will be offered with the same engines. We are talking about a 2/0 liter petrol unit and a 2.5 liter unit combined with an electric motor. Lexus says that both these models offer largely the same performance as before.

Another important fact is the suspension. According to Lexus, the car suspension has gone through some significant improvements.

“For the new NX, we made bold refinements to the design, elevated its performance and added new features to enhance its comfort and convenience. The new NX still possesses the same elements that have made it popular in the past—a sharp design, everyday convenience and driving pleasure that will satisfy all enthusiasts—but the vehicle as a whole has evolved dramatically, as you’re bound to see and feel when you first experience it”, said chief engineer of the NX, Takeaki Kato.

Source: Lexus