The all-new Tesla Model 3 is a hit but the US-based car manufacturer won’t stop here. According to some rumors cited in the international press, Tesla Motors will unveil this week the facelifted version of the Model S.

Tesla Model S is on the market since 2012 and it is time for a new design. According to those sources, the Model S facelift will get a revised front fascia, new LED headlights and a modified color pallete. Inside the cabin, the Model S will get more storage compartments and the same seats found inside the Model X. 

More than that, the Bioweapon Defense Mode" air filtration will also be available on the Model S facelift. 

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Under the skin, the revised model might come with a 100 kWh battery option which will increase the range. For not, the largest battery available on the Model S is the 90 kWh one. 

According to the same voices, the Model S facelift will also get a price update. 

Source: CNET