Along with the introduction of the new 740e, BMW also makes use of the long-wheelbase version to introduce an alternative for those who want more space, and more traction. Together with the 740e, BMW is also offering the 740Le xDrive.

It is the brand’s second model to distribute its power permanently to all four wheels in pure electric driving. The intelligent all-wheel-drive system ensures traction, optimised directional stability through all types of corners in all-weather and road conditions. The variable power distribution between the front and rear wheels gives the BMW 740Le xDrive a sprint from rest to 62 mph completed in 5.3 seconds, with 0.1 seconds faster than the standard 740e.

As with all iPerformance models, the eDrive button allows the driver to change how the plug-in hybrid drive system operates. In the AUTO eDRIVE hybrid function, energy management ensures the combustion engine and electric motor work together. The combustion engine is initiated at speeds of approximately 50 mph or under heavy throttle applications.

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The driver can switch to the MAX eDRIVE pure-electric mode and in this setting the car is powered exclusively by the electric motor, although the combustion engine can be brought into play at any time by pushing the accelerator into kickdown. In the MAX eDRIVE setting, the BMW iPerformance variants of the new BMW 7 Series have a pure-electric top speed of 87 mph. 

The Battery Control setting allows the charge of the high-voltage battery to be set manually. The driver can input a target value between 30 and 100 per cent of maximum charge, which is then available for pure-electric driving later in the journey.

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The 740Le xDrive achieves 117.7mpg and the CO2 emissions are 54g/km.