Honda is preparing the official unveil of the 2015 Civic Type R model, the performance version of the current hatchback. The model will make its public appearance at the end of this year, with deliveries starting in spring 2015.
To increase the level of awareness, Honda released a new teaser video with the hot-hatch. We remind you that the Civic Type R was already anticipated by a concept with the same name.
Under the hood, the concept featured a 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine from Honda’s next-generation Earth Dreams Technology range of units, producing more than 280 PS. The unit is complying with strict Euro 6 emissions regulations while using a six-speed manual transmission.
Visit Honda’s Youtube page for the full version of the ad.  Make sure to press the "R" key during the video playback to see "The Other Side" Type R ad.

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