We’ve seen the first footage that got released during the car’s unveiling at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, and now the British company has published a new video dedicated to the 2014 Lotus Elite.
Powered by a 5.0-litre V8 that will generate 620 horsepower the manufacturer claims that the 2014 Lotus Elite puts 1650 Kg on the scale and is able to sprint from nought to 62 mph in 3.5 – 3.7 seconds.
The 2014 Lotus Elite video shows the car’s hard top folding behind the rear seats, offering a view of the 2+2 coach cabin.
The 2014 Lotus Elite will be offered with F1 inspired technologies like KERS as well as a twin-clutch transmission, and when it will hit the UK market the car is expected to cost nearly 115,000 GBP.
Watch the 2014 Lotus Elite video after the jump.

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2014 Lotus Elite video :

Source: YouTube