Yesterday we showed you a couple of brochure scans that contained the 2013 Mercedes SL, today we have something much better, the official photo gallery which the German automaker was supposed to keep secret until after their new roadster’s unveiling at the 2012 NAIAS next month.
Thanks to these new set of leaked images we can now clearly see what is going on with the new generation SL in terms of design. 
The main features that catch our attention are the reshaped headlights which could take some time to get used to due to their disproportionate shape and also the taillights which look like a mixture between the ones on the SLK and the CLS.
Overall we like what we see, and that also goes for the interior where it looks like the 2013 Mercedes SL made improvements as well. Just like the previous generation, the new SL will come with a folding hard top, and as we can see in the photos, the MAGIC SKY CONTROL roof with SmartGlass Technology will also be available.
Other highlights regarding the 2013 Mercedes SL include the Magic Vision Control which refers to washer nozzles integrated into the windscreen swipers in order to prevent washer fluid from getting inside the cabin when the top is down, and a new sound system which includes subwoofers mounted inside the footwells.  
The engine lineup remains a mystery so far, but we have hunch that it not going to take long before we find out what the new SL is able to accommodate under its bonnet.

Source: GermanCarForum