Rumors about a new Toyota Supra have been circulating on the web for a
long time now, and with many details being just pure speculation it is
hard to have an idea of what to expect from this upcoming model. 
that could change because based on a new set of details presented by
the crew from MotorTrend and their connections in Japan, it sound’s like
the automaker’s Research and Development department is hard at work on a
new Supra that will extract power from a hybrid system that will also
integrate a 3.5-litre V6.
According to the same source, this
hybrid system will enable it to develop 400 HP, but if you are already
getting your hopes up, don’t, because even if the car gets the green
light for production you will still have to wait until 2015 before you
get to see the new Toyota Supra inside showrooms.
In terms of
design, the rear-wheel-drive 2015 Toyota Supra hybrid, a possible
competitor for the popular GT-R is likely to resemble a lot with the
FT-HS concept showcased in Detroit in 2007.

Source: MotorTrend