These are the first photos with the 2012 Mercedes M Class equipped with the AMG Package, which surfaced online through an unknown source and which seem the clearest view yet of the next generation ML.
The images seem to be scans from a magazine or a brochure, and reveal the fact that the 2012 Mercedes ML maintains its overall silhouette while in terms of dimensions, the German SUV appears slightly bigger than the outgoing version.
In terms of styling, the front section has gained a more prominent grille, new headlights that are once again tear-shaped, and a pair of air intakes which incorporate LED daytime running lights. The rear gained redesigned taillights, while the roof sports a massive piece of panoramic glass.
The interior of the 2012 Mercedes ML impresses through classic elegance and material quality, with some of the notable changes including a center console design which incorporates a new system that allows readjusting the suspension, and different powertrain settings.

Source: GermanCarForum