The Germans at BMW are already hard at work promoting the new 2012 1 Series. For the latest set of promos the automaker envisioned a scenario in which two twin brothers, who live totaly different lifestyles, have only two things in common : their parents, and the fact that they each own a 2012 BMW 1 Series.
As you can imagine the new 1 Series in indirectly suggested as the perfect choice for young customers who live mostly in the city, have active lifestyles and appreciate a car that is both dynamic and fuel efficient in the same time.
As a side note, the new 1 Series seems to look slightly better in motion, and while at first we thought that the front section with the massive headlights is out of proportion, we have to admit that its design is slowly growing on us. 
2012 BMW 1 Series Promo Video :
Part 1 :

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Part 2 :

Source: BMW via YouTube