Prices for the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette are up, and even though GM
hasn’t released anything official yet, the numbers pointing to the new
generation models are now in the possession of some Chevrolet dealers in
North America.
This price increase ranges from around 500 USD to
1,250 USD, depending on the model, and apart from the various
improvements that have been made, these new tags are also closely
related to the weaker economy and the fact that some of the customers
are now interested in the new and cheaper Chevy Camaro. 
So for the entry-level 2012 Corvette pricing will start at 50,500
USD (up from 49,995 USD) while the convertible version will retail for
54,995 USD.
The Grand Sport Coupe version Corvette will also
sell at 56,900 USD (905 USD more than before) and the same rule applies
to the Grand Sport Convertible version which now costs 60,500 USD
instead of 59,995 USD.
For those interested in the Chevrolet
Corvette Centennial Edition, GM will politely ask for an additional
4,950 USD over the base model, while the only good news comes to those
planning to purchase the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 as its price has
been lowered by 75 USD at 112,500 USD.  
All prices include the 975 USD delivery charge.