An interesting headline making the rounds on the online automotive scene today, comes from the Brits at Car Magazine who mention that the Bavarian automaker is planning to introduce the next generation 1 Series and 3 Series, in both coupe and convertible forms, as the BMW 2 Series and 4 Series.
It is not the first time BMW tries to accomplish this, since they came close to converting the 2-door 3 Series into the 4 Series around 10 years ago, but now the German automaker seems more determined, considering the fact that they are also planning to add two new 2 Series models.
They are definitely not the first or the last who consider taking this step, as company’s like Audi and Mercedes have already when through this type of rebadging. In their case the A4 convertible was replaced with the A5 while for Mercedes it was the other way around, as models based on the C class platform became the E Class Coupe and Cabriolet.

Source: CarMagazine