Carlsson has completed its latest tuning kit which expresses their vision of what a more exclusive 2012 Mercedes SLK.
The kit is aimed at both the exterior and interior plus it includes additional control units which boosts the engine’s performance by as much as 40 HP.
Starting with the exterior the Carlsson 2012 Mercedes SLK is equipped with aerodynamic features like a new front spoiler and a rear apron insert (available at 620 Euro each), stainless steel grille inserts (449 Euro) which replace the standard honeycombs, a pair of new side sills, and a stainless steel sport exhaust system with oval shaped end pipes priced at 1,298 Euro.
In terms of performance Carlsson has concentrated on the new generation CGI engines powering the 2012 Mercedes SLK for which it can offer boosts between 27 and 40 HP through their C-Tronic control units which are back by a three year warranty.
These units enable the SLK 200 CGI to produce either 211 HP (155 kW) or 224 HP (165 kW) compared to 184 HP (135 kW) produced by the standard version and the SLK 250 CGI to reach 231 HP (170 kW) instead of 204 HP (150 kW). The power upgrades cost 1190 Euro ro 1690 Euro depending on the level of power they offer.
Other enhancements performed on the Carlsson 2012 Mercedes SLK include a 30 mm lower suspension, custom 18 inch wheels, priced at 1,930 Euro and one of three interior kits which consist of seats, headrests and door panel upholstery and start from 3,900 Euro.

Source: Carlsson