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Citroen DS3 Price

The Citroen DS3 price for UK was announced today together with more details regarding motorisation options and standard equipment.

The Citroen DS3 is 3.95 m long, 1.72 m wide and 1.46m/1.48m high, and the three levels of trim that will be available are DSign, DStyle and DSport. The base model comes equipped with a 95 horsepower VTi petrol unit while the top of the line versions feature either a 150 horsepower THP petrol engine or a 110 horsepower HDi diesel.

As far as standard features the Citroen DS3 the entry level DSign model comes with a leather  wrapped steering wheel, an MP3/CD player, front fog lights, electric door mirrors, cruise control, ESP, 6 airbags, electric windows and Gear Efficiency Indicator.

The Citroen DS3 price starts at 11,700 GBP reaching 15,900 GBP for the top of the line models. 

Citroen press release :

DS3 is the first model in Citroën’s brand new DS line, a productrange consisting of three distinctively styled, attention-grabbingmodels that highlight the very best of Citroën’s ‘CréativeTechnologie’.  DS3 inaugurates the DS line, with DS4 and DS5 set tolaunch in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Refreshingly new - not retrospective - DS3 represents a contemporarybreath of fresh air for the ‘premium’ small hatchback/supermini class. DS3 forges a new path by placing desire at the heart of the motoringexperience, with its aesthetic appeal and vitality.

Designed to meet the aspirations and desires of the most demandingdrivers, DS3 delivers rewarding on-road dynamics, a sophisticated andcomfortable ride, and the very latest Citroën technology - including acomprehensive range of fuel-efficient, environmentally considerateengines.

DS3 boasts modern, head-turning good looks, with carefullyconsidered design elements like the unique and distinctive ‘Shark Fin’B-pillar, the ‘floating’ roof and the signature LED strips down eitherside of the front bumper.  

Quality is evident inside the cabin and out.  Refined materials suchas leather and chrome are applied with precision and care to give DS3its finely appointed, high quality appearance.  

Providing a unique ownership experience, DS3 redefines ‘bespoke’motoring with an unrivalled choice of personalisation options - toreflect each customer’s individual performance, style and technologypreferences.  No DS3 need ever be the same, thanks to the virtuallyinfinite array of different option combinations available. Customerscan specify exterior and interior colour combinations, materials,finishes, trims and equipment - even the key fob is tailored to thedriver’s chosen body or roof colour for their DS3.  

DS3 can be masculine and sporty or feminine and chic - but always elegant, stylish and imaginative.

Compact yet spacious, DS3’s neat frame combines nimble dimensionswith intelligent internal architecture - offering five real seats plusclass-leading cabin and boot space (285l).  The 60:40 split/foldingrear seats can be effortlessly folded down to accommodate larger loaditems.

Confident and connected, DS3 is packed with technology to assist andentertain its occupants. For portable music players, DS3 can bespecified with auxiliary, USB and Bluetooth® connectivity.  MyWay,Citroën’s integrated widescreen colour satellite navigation system, canbe specified - and for exemplary acoustic performance, a neweight-speaker Hi-Fi system creates a rich audio experience in the cabin.

Awarded a five star Euro NCAP rating for occupant protection, DS3 isboth safe and secure.  High levels of standard safety equipment includeESP, ABS with EBD & EBA, six airbags, a reinforced body structureand two IsoFix child seat anchorage points.

With high-precision running gear, DS3 delivers a dynamic andengaging ride experience.  A small diameter steering wheel enhancesfeedback from the road to further increase driving pleasure.  

Top-level acoustic treatment around the cabin ensures occupants benefit from an impressively quiet atmosphere on board.

DS3 is powered by a range of five Euro V compliant engines - threeBMW co-developed petrols and two modern Citroën HDi diesels - withpower output extending from 68kW for the HDi 90hp diesel to 115kW withthe sporty 1.6 THP 150hp petrol.

A new Gear Efficiency Indicator - standard specification across therange - signals the optimum moment to change gear and encourages moreeconomical driving.

DS3 is available in three trim levels: DSign, DStyle and DSport.  An environmentally-considerate DStyle 99gversion - equipped with a new version of the HDi 90hp diesel engine -is also available and, as its name suggests, this models emits just99g/km of CO2.

The world of DS3 starts at just £11,700 for the petrol VTi 95hpDSign, rising to £15,900 for the top-of-the-range petrol THP 150hp anddiesel HDi 110hp DSport models.

From launch, DS3 customers can take advantage of a fixed priceservicing offer.  Priced at just £199 (inc. VAT), this covers allrecommended and scheduled servicing, and brake fluid replacement for upto 3 years/35,000 miles.

Alternatively - and exclusively available with DS3 - Citroën FreeDriveoffers an extensive range of services that can be personalised to meetthe specific needs of customers. Citroën FreeDrive represents a newgeneration of aftersales care, with a menu of service options plusvariable periods of cover and mileage parameters. 

Gary Savage, Managing Director of Citroën UK, comments, “A bold,definitive statement of intent for Citroën and a confident step in theopposite direction to its main competitors, DS3 brings a realalternative to a market sector dominated by retro designs.  DS3 isabout modernity, creativity, individual style and a driving experiencepacked with personality.”

He continues, “DS3 dares to be different - whilst delivering thecomfort, quality, technology and ecologically considerate performancefor which Citroën is well recognised.”


DS3 is a new addition in the ‘premium’ small hatchback/superminiclass, which includes competitor models such as MINI, MINI Clubman,Fiat 500 and Alfa Romeo MiTo. 

In this sector of the market, customers are looking for a compactcar with a distinctive character, an enhanced image and head-turning‘look-at-me’ excitement.

DS3 will appeal to individuals who like to invest in quality ofdesign, quality of construction and the quality of the ownershipexperience.

In today’s world where technology provides the ability to tailorproducts and services to individual lifestyles, DS3’s extensive list ofpersonalisation options make it a natural choice for the expressive,the style-conscious and the most discerning of small car buyers.

With its practical space, responsive performance and consummatequality, DS3 will also appeal to 3-door medium-size hatchback customers(the segment above), who are looking to downsize without compromise.


Exuding vivaciousness and undeniable appeal, DS3 looks like no othercar on the road today - if being noticed is on the agenda, then DS3delivers!

DS3’s dynamic, engaging outline is characterised by three distinctive features.

The ‘floating’ roof design emphasises DS3’s low-slung waist line, giving the body purpose and the clear suggestion of agility.

The eye-catching outline of the B-pillar – inspired by the evocativesilhouette of a shark’s fin – creates a dynamic posture and propels thelines of the side profile forwards towards DS3’s defined front end.

At the front of DS3, the piercing ‘gaze’ of two sparkling verticalLED strips assert the model’s sporty styling, illuminating the car’ssculpted bumper in a thoroughly premium statement for the segment.

Quality is evident across the exterior of DS3, from the texturedpatterns of the optional roof designs to the chrome trim sparkling onthe door mirrors, door handles and side rubbing strips.  Even DS3’sbadge - mounted in the centre of the bonnet - is crafted like a jewel.

The car’s dynamic stance is further enhanced with an extensivechoice of attractive, sculpted alloy wheels in a range of sizes,colours and finishes – including 17” alloys with a ‘diamond-tipped’design, in a choice of colours and with colour co-ordinated centre caps.

Dark tinted rear windows – standard specification on DStyle models and above – complete DS3’s sporty and exclusive appearance.

Inside, DS3 is beautifully appointed, sporty and driver-focused.  Withlow-slung, body-hugging seats, all commands and controls are neatlyorientated towards the driver’s eye line.  The materials used in thecarefully crafted interior have been specially selected to create asophisticated and engaging cabin environment.

The top of the dashboard is finished with a soft-to-the-touch,tactile covering that contrasts with the smooth lacquered effect of thedashboard strip.  A standard specification sculpted leather steeringwheel – with chrome or aluminium inserts – emphasises the sportyambitions of the model.    

All upholstery materials are of a prestigious quality, with finetactile leather available to complement the range of refined andcontemporary fabrics.  When specified, the optional leather upholsteryadds features like a leather trimmed gear knob and leather door panels.

As much a design statement as functional technology, the main instrument binnacle features three
aviation-inspired displays.  When the driver turns on DS3’s ignition,the car bursts into life sending the glowing needles spinning aroundthe dials, before returning to zero.

Each DS3 experience is unique, because each car is designed for the individual, by the individual.

With a comprehensive choice of customisable options – unprecedentedfor a new car by a mainstream manufacturer – each DS3 can be tailoredto a driver’s own performance, style and technology preferences.

Delivering dynamic sporty looks or a more elegant, chic appearance –according to the preferences of the customer – there are 38 body androof colour combinations to choose from, whilst door mirrors, wheelsand wheel centre caps are available in a vast range of colours andcombinations.  DS3 even offers a selection of ‘Spirits’, which includestylish roof graphics and matching carpet mats.

Inside, drivers can select from several colour cloths and premiumleathers, with the dashboard available in up to six finishes includingred, blue, white and even aluminium or carbon fibre effects. Thegearstick knob is also offered in several different colours, whichblend with satin-finished chrome.

Using a special DS3 configurator*, the DS3 personalisation processstarts with customers selecting their preferred engine and trim level. Depending on their initial choices, buyers are then presented with achoice of body colours, roof colours and roof graphics, as well as ahost of other features to select from – such as chrome door mirrors andchrome rubbing strips; alloy wheels in different sizes, styles andcolours; front bumper LEDs; upholstery materials; and the colourschemes of the dashboard and gear knob.

There are also equipment ‘signature’ packs to choose from, whichinclude executive car features such as automatic headlamps, rearparking sensors, MyWay satellite navigation, Connecting Box (Bluetooth®with USB socket) and a front central armrest.

As a reminder of the bespoke nature of DS3 ownership, a disc mountedin each key fob is finished in the same colour as either the car’s bodyor roof.

*The DS3 configurator can be found at www.citroen.co.uk/new-cars/car-configurator

DS3’s intelligent internal architecture means it is both compact anddeceptively spacious – a characteristic Citroën design paradox.

At just 3.95m long, 1.72m wide and 1.46m or 1.48m high, DS3 iseasily manoeuvrable and perfectly suited to the urban environment, butoffers one of the most generous cabin environments with five seats,class-leading levels of occupant space and the biggest boot in thesegment at 285-litres.

Thanks to a 60:40 split-folding rear bench, DS3 delivers modularversatility.  With an effortless mechanism, tumbling the rear seatsforwards allows DS3 to transport luggage with dimensions of up to 1029x 1156 x 620mm, with a maximum load volume of 980-litres – a big featfor a small car.

Full consideration has been given to the maximisation of interiorspace and the comfort of occupants.  The raised dashboard, with itsrecessed passenger footwell, creates additional front leg room, and theslender design of the front seats also frees up room for rearpassengers.  Front and rear elbow room are best in the segment.

Front Elbow Room1.42m1.35m1.35m1.38m
Rear Elbow Room1.41m1.13m1.14m1.34m
Boot Volume285l160l260l270l
Max. Boot Volume980l680l930l950l

Inside the cabin, the welcoming contours of the seats encapsulateoccupants in an environment of quality and comfort.  A front centralarmrest, with a handy storage compartment, is available for additionalcomfort on long journeys.

Benefiting from meticulous levels of soundproofing, DS3’s cabin is both a calm and peaceful environment.

A chrome-finished, integrated air-freshener adds a contemporary Citroën touch.

DS3 is offered with an impressive array of technology to keep occupants connected and in control.

For added comfort, safety and convenience on long distance journeys,cruise control with speed limiter is fitted as standard.  Automaticdigital air-conditioning, rear parking sensors, automatic headlamps andautomatic rain-sensitive windscreen wipers can also be specified.

With a focus on environmentally conscious motoring, DS3 is fitted asstandard with a Gear Efficiency Indicator that signals the optimummoment for the driver to change gear – encouraging more fuel efficientdriving.

Citroën’s integrated satellite navigation and entertainment system,MyWay, offers European-wide guidance with live traffic updates alldisplayed on a full-colour 7” wide screen.  The standard specificationCD player is MP3 compatible, and Bluetooth® allows hands-free telephonyand wireless music streaming.

Auxiliary inputs are standard across the range, so MP3 players canalways be connected to the car’s audio system.  For enhancedfunctionality, the ‘Connect Signature’ pack can be specified that addsa Connecting Box (Bluetooth® and USB connectivity) – with a socket onthe central console that allows portable MP3 players to be controlledvia the car’s audio system buttons. 

‘Connect Signature’ also incorporates the eight-speaker Hi-Fisystem, with an additional speaker located in the middle of the upperdashboard and an amplified subwoofer in the boot.  This high qualitysound system delivers a rich acoustic range with impressive depth forconcert-like audio clarity. 

As comfortable on the open road as it is in built-up urbanenvironments, DS3 boasts high-precision running gear with springing anddamping developed to ‘read’ the road.  The result is responsivehandling, minimal body roll and impressive poise in corners.

A small-diameter steering wheel and precisely calibrated powersteering combine to give drivers a rewarding sense of feedback from theroad.  A tight turning circle of just 10.2m or 10.4m – dependent onwheel size – means DS3 is easily manoeuvrable and perfectly suited tocongested city streets.

A ‘part by part’ focus on limiting overall weight, optimisingaerodynamics, and advancing the engine technology, ensures DS3 managesboth fuel consumption and CO2 emissions intelligently and efficiently.

Spirited and environmentally responsible, DS3’s range of fiverefined powerplants offer sporty credentials with Citroën’s new punchyTHP 150hp engine and low CO2 emissions of just 99g/km with the HDi 90hp diesel (DStyle 99g).

The three petrol powerplants – VTi 95hp, VTi 120hp & THP 150hp –were co-developed with BMW and are mated to either 5 or 6-speed manualgearboxes.  Over the combined cycle, CO2 emissions range between 134 and 155g/km. 

The punchy performance of DS3’s top-of-the-range THP 150 engineoffers a thrilling driving experience with a finely-tuned sporty feel.

The two highly efficient HDi diesels - 90hp & 110hp - are fittedwith Citroën’s lauded DPFS (Diesel Particulate Filter System), and arealso mated to either 5 or 6-speed manual gearboxes.  The 90hp versionemits 104g/km of CO2 and the 110hp produces just 118g/km. Fuel economy is up to 70.6mpg over a combined cycle.  Benefiting fromCitroën’s 12 years of experience in HDi innovation, DS3’s dieselengines are not only exceptionally frugal, but with high levels ofresponsive torque, are also fun and easy to drive.

A ‘green’ leader for the segment, the DStyle 99g is powered by Citroën’s renowned HDi 90hp engine, whichin this modelproduces CO2 emissions of just 99g/km and fuel economy of up to 74.3mpg.

A cocoon of safety and reassuring security, DS3 has been awarded amaximum five star Euro NCAP rating for occupant protection.  Providingcapable handling in the most slippery of driving conditions, all modelsare equipped with ESP as standard, together with ABS with EBD(Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and EBA (Emergency Brake Assist). DS3 features six airbags as standard, plus two Isofix child seat anchorpoints on the outside rear seats.  

DS3 features three trim levels – DSign, DStyle & DSport – with the DStyle 99g emitting just 99g/km of CO2.

With DS3 style as standard, DSign models are farfrom being a basic proposition – not the case with many competitors’entry-level models in this class.  The DSign trim features generouslevels of standard equipment, which includes leather steering wheel, anMP3-compatible CD player with steering mounted controls, front foglights, electric door mirrors, cruise control with speed limiter, ESP,six airbags, electric windows, remote central locking and GearEfficiency Indicator.

At the heart of the range, DStyle models gain thestriking front bumper mounted LEDs, air-conditioning, dark tinted rearwindows, contrasting body and roof colours, roof coloured painted doormirrors with a chrome base, shiny-finished black dashboard and 16”diamond-tipped alloy wheels.

Combining luxury touches with sporty styling, DSportmodels feature chrome side rubbing strips, a rear spoiler with anintegrated third brake light, a chrome double exhaust pipe, drilledaluminium pedals and 17” black diamond-tipped alloys. The ‘ConnectSignature’ pack, which includes Bluetooth®, USB socket and theeight-speaker Hi-Fi system is standard specification – as is automaticdigital air-conditioning.

The DStyle 99g is based on the DStyletrim.  Externally, the only difference is the addition of 16” steelwheels with wheel covers, in place of the DStyle’s 16” alloys.

The DS3 range starts at £11,700 for the VTi 95hp DSign, rising to£15,900 for the top-of-the-range THP 150hp and the HDi 110hp DSportmodels.  A fully specified DSport THP 150hp with all available optionscosts just under £19,000.

As an example of the extensive personalisation that DS3 offers – and the resulting price – a mid-range VTi 120hp DStyle,specified with a metallic body colour, contrasting roof, chrome doormirrors and rubbing strips, 16” white diamond-tipped alloy wheels,LEDs, mistral cloth upholstery, a shiny black dashboard and the‘Connect Signature’ pack (Bluetooth®, USB socket and the eight-speakerHi-Fi), has an OTR price of £14,650 – just £950 more than anunpersonalised DStyle.

DSignVTi 95hp134g/km£11,700
DStyleVTi 120hp136g/km£13,700
HDi 90hp104g/km£13,700
DStyle 99gHDi 90hp99g/km£13,700
DSportTHP 150hp155g/km£15,900
HDi 110hp118g/km£15,900

From launch, DS3 is available with a fixed price servicing offer. Priced at just £199 (inc. VAT), this covers all recommended andscheduled servicing, and brake fluid replacement for up to 3years/35,000 miles. 

Exclusively available with DS3, Citroën FreeDrive offers an extensiverange of services that can be personalised to meet the specific needsof DS3 customers.  FreeDrive represents a new generation of aftersalescare – covering scheduled and annual servicing, periodic maintenance,replacement of wear and tear items, Citroën Assistance (Roadside/AtHome/Recovery/Onward Travel/European Cover), relief vehicle duringservicing, MOT Testing and complimentary vehicle cleaning duringscheduled servicing.  FreeDrive also offers optional tyre replacementcover, a ‘Pick-up’ service from the customer’s home or workplace or a‘Pick-up & Delivery’ service where the customer’s DS3 is alsoreturned to a preferred address. 

FreeDrive can be tailored to each customer’s requirements, withcover ranging from 10,000 to 120,000 miles and from 6 to 36 months. 

As an example, a FreeDrive contract on a mid-range VTi 120hp DStyleover 36 months/60,000 miles is priced at £1,176.41, plus VAT – whichequates to just £32.68 per month over the 3-year contract period. 

DS3 has competitive insurance ratings, ranging from just 12E for the VTi 95hp DSign to 22E for the THP 150hp DSport. 

DStyle 99g15E

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2 Commments on Citroen DS3 Price

  1. Sharon wolstoncroft :
    DS3 Sport Excellent car , have had it for approx 8 months and its definately my best buy ever. Everyone turns and looks at it !!! Having a prob though, not sure where I am able to purchase an integrated air freshener from ?? any ideas ???Regards Sharon
  1. Greg Gallo :
    Will Citroen offer it in North America?

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