The McLaren MP4-12C Price was announced today together with more technical details regarding the British supercar. A second announcement is informing that the MC4-12 marks the beginning of the new McLaren Automotive company which will develop premium high-performance sports cars with "a higher
level of quality than any premium sports car business has ever offered".
The McLaren MP4-12C is more powerful and lighter and more efficient when compared to rivals like the new Ferrari 458 Italia or the Mercedes SLS AMG and it’s twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre 90 degree V8 produces 592 BHP and 442 lb-ft of torque.
The McLaren MP4-12C can reach 124 mph (200 Km/h) from a standstill in 10.0 seconds and then brake back to zero in less than 5.0 seconds, while CO2 emissions are less than 300 grams per Km.
Overall weight for the McLaren MP4-12C is 1300 Kg and responsible for ending power to the wheels is a twin-clutch 7-speed F1 styled gearbox.
The McLaren MP4-12C price in UK is less than 175,000 GBP.
McLaren press release :

  • McLaren Automotive’s range of highly efficient, high-performance sports cars confirmed at McLaren Technology Centre (MTC)
  • New £40 million McLaren Production Centre (MPC) set to become showcase for the UK’s manufacturing and technology industries
  • Up to 300 new jobs confirmed

Major investment and job opportunities in the UK’s high-tech
manufacturing industry were confirmed today (March 18), as McLaren
Automotive announced details of its range of innovative
high-performance sports cars and the start of construction of the
McLaren Production Centre (MPC).
The MPC, a 32,000m² high-tech manufacturing facility located at
McLaren Group’s headquarters in Woking, England, began construction on
March 1 2010 following a design from Foster + Partners, the same
architects behind the award-winning McLaren Technology Centre (MTC).
The new facility will be completed in just 12 months, with the first
MP4-12C high-performance sports cars moving through the MPC production
line in spring 2011.
Ron Dennis, Chairman of McLaren Automotive said: “We have long
held the dream of building a range of McLaren high-performance sports
cars that take the raw elements of Formula 1 principles, processes and
performance and forge them into a unique package; one that offers
customer-focused requirements of quality, efficiency, comfort and

“Today’s announcements confirm our intention to challenge
convention at the highest levels of automotive design, from a high-tech
home that I am proud to say will deliver jobs, expertise and innovation
in manufacturing and engineering.

“In my first season at McLaren in 1981 we were an operation of
50 people dedicated solely to winning motor races. Since then, we have
grown to a company of over a thousand that is, I believe, at the
forefront of the UK’s innovative manufacturing industries. Everything
we have achieved as a well-honed and fiercely competitive team over the
past 30 years has prepared us for this moment.

It is with great confidence, and genuine excitement, that we
move forward with our plans to open up a new chapter for McLaren and
the UK’s modern manufacturing industries,”
Dennis concluded.
Funding for the £40 million investment has come from McLaren
Automotive’s existing shareholders, whilst a new shareholding offer
will support future development programmes for a range of McLaren
high-performance sports cars that will be launched soon after the 12C.
The MPC will be the home of McLaren Automotive’s range of
high-performance and highly efficient sports cars, supporting up to 800
jobs and manufacturing around 4,000 cars by the middle of the decade.
New standards of quality will be introduced into the sports car market,
as well as innovative new technologies unique to McLaren. All
components on the cars are bespoke to McLaren.
The first 12C customer cars will be completed in the Production Hall
at the McLaren Technology Centre in late-2010, approximately three
months before production transfers to the brand new McLaren Production
Centre. They will follow the same build and quality processes that
McLaren Automotive developed for the £300,000-plus carbon-fibre based
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.
However, in a revolutionary step that allows the 12C to retail at
around half that price point, McLaren will introduce an innovative
one-piece carbon-fibre chassis structure: the first time such a
lightweight, safe and strong structure has been offered on a series
production car in this market segment.
McLaren Automotive’s production strategy offers the best of both
hand-built and ‘lean’ production processes. Fine-tuned during the SLR
programme, it delivered cars built to the highest qualities expected by
Mercedes-Benz, contributing to total production of 2,114 SLRs: a record
number for any car in the £300 – £500,000 price-point and any car built
on a carbon-fibre chassis.
The new MPC manufacturing facility will take the best of the
company’s production processes and provide the perfect base to tailor
make up to 1,000 12C’s in 2011.  It will have a clear McLaren style and
will espouse all the virtues of the MTC.
Like the headquarters, great care has been taken to ensure that the
building fits perfectly into its environment, and is as efficient and
environmentally sensitive as possible.  Just two minutes by foot from
the MTC, production engineers and planners will continue to benefit
from the instant access they currently enjoy to the research, design
and engineering teams in McLaren Automotive and McLaren Racing.
Alan Foster, McLaren Automotive’s Operations Director, said: “The
MPC meets and exceeds all requirements for sustainability, energy
conservation, energy re-use and sensitive environmental landscaping.
This investment has future-proofed McLaren Automotive’s ability to
capitalise on market demand through until at least 2020, and will allow
us to produce cars of the highest quality. Starting from a blank sheet
of paper, we have been able to develop a production centre and
production process that mirrors the car itself – high-tech, innovative
and highly efficient.”

Notes to editors:
The McLaren MP4-12C goes on sale in spring 2011 from bespoke McLaren
Automotive retailers in 19 countries across the globe. It sits in the
market of ‘core’ sports cars that cost between £125,000 and £175,000
and will feature innovative technical and customer-focused engineering
and design that will offer new levels of performance in its price
The 12C will be the most powerful, the most efficient, and the
lightest car in its class – a unique combination driven by McLaren
developments such as a one-piece carbon fibre chassis and a bespoke
McLaren-developed small-capacity, twin-turbo, V8 engine.  The 12C will
also be more spacious and more comfortable than its competitors –
lightweight engineering and driving enjoyment lie at the core of
McLaren’s sports car business that will deliver a full range of cars
over the coming years. McLaren Automotive expects to annually launch a
new model, or derivative of a model, following the launch of the 12C.
The McLaren Automotive retail network will be confirmed through the
second half of 2010, along with pricing of the 12C and final
performance figures for the car.

Source: McLaren Automotive