The 2011 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

  • Performance
    4.5 of 5.0
  • Cost of Ownership
    4.3 of 5.0
  • Interior
    4.2 of 5.0
  • Reliability
    3.0 of 5.0
26 Aug 2010

Mercedes-Benz announced recently the launch of the 2011 GLK Class, a replacement to the 2008 model of the same build. Due to the complexities surrounding model years and actual dates of release, buyers are warned to avoid purchasing the 2010 GLK without understanding it was sold in 2008. The new 2011 Mercedes-Benz GLK Class, however, is brand new and has a whole plate of new features to offer.

Features, Updates, and Upgrades:

Now, both the GLK350 (the rear wheel drive model) AND the GLK350 4MATIC (which is an all wheel drive machine) host a 268 horsepower and 258 lb-ft Torque. Some of the updates to the new vehicle class include a more usable Headlight Control mechanism and Premium Leather Steering Wheel. The 2011 Mercedes-Benz GLK class also offers some fantastic safety improvements, such as the new Knee Airbag, Driver/Passenger Pelvic Airbags, and a brand new

Rear View Camera. These safety amenities were added to the 2011 class to keep it at the same level as the rest of Mercedes’ mainstream models. They even added a new paint to the GLK, an option to coat the vehicle “Pearl Beige Metallic.” The additional color will be limited in production and is likely to carry a little extra in price, but if really speaks to you, we recommend you go for it.

The New GLK Sports Package:

In regards to the aesthetic enhancements of the GLK, improvements to appearance and performance, the GLK even offers a new AMG Sports Package that includes AMG bumpers, LED

Daytime Running Lights, Aluminum Roof Rails and 20-inch AMG 5-twin-spoke wheels. The AMG package that Mercedes provides certainly does make a dramatic difference in how the vehicle looks and feels, and it even provides the user with a much-improved driver handling. However,  this package may not be everybody, as some may find the driving experience to be stiff and uncomfortable, it depends on personal preference for the most part. It is highly recommended that you test drive the vehicle with and without the AMG package to determine if you’ll find it worth spending the extra dollars on.

The GLK Positioning:

In addition to GLK series, Mercedes also offers a full spectrum of Sports Utility Vehicles, such as the M-Class Mid Size, the GL-Class – Full Size, and the High-Performance All-Terrain G Class SUVs. The GL is the full size, where the GLK is a short version, utilizing the K to represent “Kurze,” the German word for Short. The GLK class is the compact version of the full size GL Sports Utility Vehicle. The similarities between the two models are, however, thin and far between. It seems they share most in common in that they are both SUV’s, but they are quite individual creations besides their common classification.

The Value of the GLK-Class:

Not all that many people understand exactly how manufacturers like Mercedes test their models. Before the GLK-Class became available to the general public, engineers working for the Mercedes-Benz team tested it at extreme lengths. They tested its endurance extensively and subjected it to two years worth of examination and observation to assure its high quality endurance. At the end of the day, with Mercedes-Benz, you get what you pay for. The entire experience is created with luxury in mind, and the price tag reflects value and reason. With pricing that starts under $35,000, it’s clear to see the value in this Sports Utility Vehicle.

How does the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class compare to the C-Class?

These two models are unlikely to compare, one being a Sedan and the other being an SUV, but oddly enough there are some points of comparison. For instance, the price on both models start for under 35 grand and yet the GLK-Class provides much more in just about every field: engine, horsepower, capacity, and seating. It is possibly the most valuable luxury vehicle on the market, and you’re sure to get the most for your buck. It even has a more luxurious aesthetic to it, making it a fine selection for everyday travel. The C-class, however, does offer some value in its sport look, sleek design, and precedential resale value, which can come in handy for many leasers.

In sum…

This vehicle is pure value, and when it comes down to it, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another SUV with the luxurious offerings of the GLK Class without a higher price tag. The true gold of this vehicle is how much it offers for such a reasonable price, from its World Class design, safety technology, performance, amenities, and of course the powerful brand of Mercedes-Benz. If you’re looking for a luxury sports utility vehicle with plenty of function and a reasonable price, the Mercedes-Benz GLK Class may be the model to go for.

Specs and Gallery:

  • Engine: 3.5L V 6 double overhead cam with VVT ( 10.7 :1 compression ratio ; four valves per cylinder)
  • Fuel: premium unleaded ( 91 octane)
  • Fuel consumption: city= 16 (mpg); highway= 21 (mpg); combined= 18 (mpg); vehicle range: 313 miles
  • Multi-point injection fuel system
  • 17.4 gallon fuel tank
  • Power: 268 HP ( 200 kW) @ 6,000 rpm; 258 ft lb of torque ( 350 Nm) @ 2,400 rpm



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    Hey every1, im my opinion this car is a shame ! This car is worst mercedes ever, even Mercedes 190 was better then this, comeon mercedes must look better then hyundai..
    the only good side of this car is rims and nothing more : (

    sorry for my opinion if u actualy love this car.. but open your eyes !

  • Thanks for the great info.

  • This really answered my problem, thank you!

  • Not sure about its styling. Looks a bit too boxy to me. Still, this must be a great crossover vehicle to drive, but expensive as well! 🙂

    Just my 2 cents! best, kia fan

  • Wish i would have researched further, so want to sell asap

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