2017 Ford GT Supercar Review

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10 Oct 2016

The 2017 Ford GT is a highly anticipated Ford-produced supercar that will turn heads and bulge eyes. The modernized remake of the 1966 Ford GT40 is the 2017 Ford GT. That one became well-known for winning the Paris Le Mans four years in a row, eclipsing all others. Even Ferrari, the favorite, couldn’t keep up.

Ford has now redesigned their pride and joy for 2017 markets, with matching specifications. Consider an engine with over 600 horsepower! Interested in learning more? Continue reading!

Exterior design

Ford combined the classic design of the 1966 Ford GT40 with the ornate design trends of modern supercar production. It’s simply incredible. First and foremost, the car’s appearance is identical to previous models. The face has an ominous expression due to the sloped nose with two wide “nostrils” and headlights shaped like wide slits.

Furthermore, the rear of the car received an incredible upgrade, with rounder corners and Ferrari-inspired taillights that also serve as an air exit for the intercoolers! The buttresses are a nod to the original GT40, connecting the back fenders to the roofline for added downforce.

The two cannon exhaust outlets are located in the middle of the rear, right between the two taillights. Best of all, the doors open upwards, just like a true supercar. That will undoubtedly be a mind-boggling entry!

There are eight exterior colors available with a liquid finish. Matte Black and Shadow Black are two additional special edition colors. In addition, eight additional colors are available for optional racing stripes on the car. These will run the length of the car in the middle. There are ten different sets of 20-inch wheels available, giving you a lot of options! The brake calipers can be finished in one of five different colors, with blue, red, and orange being the spicier options.

Finally, the gorilla glass windshield is an exterior feature worth mentioning. Gorilla glass is a superthin, superlight, and super damage-resistant material that is already used in products like smartphones and tablets. The 2017 Ford GT will be the first production vehicle with a gorilla glass windshield.

Interior design

The interior of this incredible supercar is best described as a cockpit. The car obviously has two front seats and a plethora of buttons. Above all, the front seats are unique in that they are built directly on top of the chassis, providing a better sense of how the car is driving. The seat cannot be adjusted; however, the steering wheel and pedals can. The steering wheel is clearly inspired by Formula 1 steering wheels; after all, the Ford GT is a downright racing car, and a complementary steering wheel is only appropriate for such a car.

There are four interior layout options. The first is a luxurious, all-black design called ‘Dark Energy.’ The interior is black, with a bright orange or crisp white dashboard and seat wrapping. Finally, the GT’s interior can be represented by a black and a wonderful navy blue detail hue.

Engine specs

A 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 engine with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission powers the vehicle. Ford improved this engine’s efficiency by combining a direct injection system, a low-friction roller-finger-follower valvetrain, and the two aforementioned turbochargers.

The car will also have rear-wheel drive, will reach 60 mph (100 kmh) in four seconds, and the GT will achieve a maximum speed of 216 mph (348 kph).

Tech specs

Even supercars have to go over speed bumps now and then, which is why Ford installed a button that temporarily suspends the car in order to get over that speed bump. A fantastic addition for when you also need to do some grocery shopping and go to town and this is the only vehicle you have.

Price and production

The 2017 Ford GT will start at $447,000 in the United States and more than €400,000 in Europe. Ford manufactures the GT in small quantities, estimated to be 250 per year.

The application period for purchasing a 2017 Ford GT ended in May. Ford required a purchase application because they expected demand to outnumber supply. Ford stated that many factors were considered, such as Ford loyalty or whether or not the applicant already owned a Ford GT.