Ever thought a Datsun would beet a Corvette in a drag race? Well how about a Datsun that runs on batteries faster than a petrol fueled Corvette? If we wouldn’t of had this video as proof i think the whole thing would have been very hard to believe.
Seeing an electric car at a drag strip is kind of strange, but this ’72 electric Datsun has set a new world record as the fastest street legal electric car reaching a top speed of 110 mph in a quarter mile in close to 12 seconds. The secret weapon in such a car is not their horsepower but their torque, witch is alot more than a regular gas engine could ever have. Electric engines produce full torque from the first instant witch translates in faster speed in a shorter time.
After a quarter mile race the Datsun takes around 20 minutes to recharge its ozone protecting batteries and be ready to take on another sportscar like the BMW M3.
Watch the Worlds fastest ELECTRIC CAR video after the jump.

Worlds fastest ELECTRIC CAR video :

Source: OPB via YouTube