The third customized car coming from Wimmer RS in less than a week after the Ferrari F430 Scuderia and the Porsche 911 GT2 is the Volkswagen Golf VI GTI. 
The Wimmer RS Volkswagen Golf VI GTI has upgraded the stock 2.0 TFSI engine outputting 211 HP by fitting an optimized turbo loader with manifold, a sport CAT, a new fuel pump and injection valves, an optimized intake system as well as an intercooler and a high grade exhaust system.
Add the optimized engine electronics and modified TSI-unit into the mix and you get the Wimmer RS Volkswagen Golf VI GTI packing 386 HP and 455 Nm of torque, witch translates into a maximum top speed of 267 Km/h (166 mph).
Further improvements on the Wimmer RS Volkswagen Golf VI GTI include height-adjustable HR sports coilover suspension while for the exterior the German tuner offers 18, 19 and 20 inch wheels wrapped in high performance Dunlop tyres.
Wimmer RS press release :
Golf GTI with 386 hp – by Wimmer RS
Wimmer RS from Solingen has for a long time established its reputation by spectacular car conversions. Nevertheless, strict appropriateness for daily use is also programmed by Wimmer RS. VW Golf VI GTI 2.0 TFSI with its powerful 211 hp engine is a thoroughbred sports car already ex works. After
a kind of fitness cure at Wimmer RS tuning forgery, the little sports car will definitely become a weapon.
Now, GTI turbo engine generates full 386 hp with the torque of 455 Nm. This is due to an optimized turbo loader with manifold, the use of a sports CAT, the adaptation of the intake system, the modified fuel pump, innovative injection valves, piston rod and intercooler as well as high grade steel sports exhaust system. Don’t forget the proprietary engine electronics and the modification of the TSI-unit. All this provides for the maximum speed of 267 km/h or 166 mph respectively. For safety reasons Solingen has furthermore installed a sports clutch that guarantees better power transmission and very high driving stability.
Concerning the wheels, Wimmer RS gives the choice of 18-, 19- and 20” rims. As top of the pops the Solinger car tuner offers a complete wheel set of Motec „Antares“ in 8×20 inches with Dunlop Sport Maxx GT 235/30 ZR 20 high performance tyres.
The GTI handling has been moreover optimized by the height-adjustable HR sports coilover suspension system.

Source: Wimmer RS