Wheelsandmore has expanded its portfolio of tuned vehicles with yet another exclusive model, this time based on Maranello’s Ferrari 599 GTO.
The German company has applied prety much the same technique as it did on the McLaren Mercedes SLR722, meaning that they fitted the 599 GTO with a set of 3-piece handcrafted ultralight forged wheels measuring in this case 21 inches in size (wrapped in Hankook S1Evo performance tires size 245/30/21 and 345/25/21) and adapter the exterior finish based on the customer’s preference. In this case we’re talking about a yellow finish highlighted by two black stripes.
The Wheelsandmore Ferrari 599 GTO has also received the tuner’s handmade stainless steel exhaust and a revised ECU which are responsible for pushing the output level to 715 HP and 665 Nm (up from 670 HP).
In order to prevent the car from damaging its expensive body, Wheelsandmore has also installed a hydraulic suspension which lifts the front axle by around 1.18 inches by the push of a button. 

Source: Wheelsandmore