Volvo announced it improved its CleanZone air climate system starting with the new XC90. The SUV benefits from a new system that controls air quality for a healthier travel.
The CleanZone will use a multi-filter designed only for the SPA platform. It uses a larger filter design that intercepts more particulates and pollen, as well as a layer of active charcoal that effectively removes a host of contaminants.
CleanZone Filtration
According to studies conducted by Volvo, in a car equipped with the new improved multi-filter, the amount of “fine dust” particles smaller than 0,4 μm can be as much as 70% less than in a car without the filter, according to a standardized component test.
This is a significant improvement as studies have shown that dust particles smaller than 10 µm can cause a number of health problems, including difficulty breathing and lung infections.
CleanZone Intelligence 
The system is also intelligent enough to close the air intakes when you are traveling through a high level of noxious substances, like a tunnel.
Also a form of intelligence is the system being able to automatically vent out the interior air within one minute, getting rid of odors and emissions, when the drivers unlocks the car with his remote. Touching the opening button on the 2015 XC90 will activate the refreshing function.

Source: Volvo