Volvo is always preocuppied for the safety of its passengers. Especially when it comes for children passagers. This is also the reason Volvo is now introducing a range of three new child seats. Few of you know, but Volvo is the first car maker to actively test child seats in crash tests as far back as the early 1960s.

Teaching adults how to install and operate a child seat is one thing, getting the child to stay in the seat is another entirely – especially when the child gets older.

Volvo Cars’ new generation of child seats is made with a more breathable and comfortable upholstery comprised of 80% wool textile which makes the seats smoother to the touch, highly durable, and better-performing in both hot and cold climates. The seats also have a slimmer design, aimed to increase legroom and overall comfort.

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The new seats are designed to suit the needs of children of different ages and sizes:

– Infant seat – rearward-facing (up to 13 kg or nine months)
– Child seat – rearward-facing for children from nine months up to six years (at least three to four years old, as recommended by Volvo)
– Booster seat – forward-facing for children that have outgrown the rearward-facing seat (from three to 10 years old)

The new seats, developed with one of the world’s leading child seat makers, Britax-Römer, and tested at Volvo Cars Safety Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden, will be available from the beginning of June in selected markets, including the UK.