In order to appeal to a large mass of clients, Volkswagen is introducing a variety of accesories for the current Tiguan. The German crossover, recently launched in the UK can pe customized with some elements that protect the car.

For example, the chrome-look protective strip for the tailgate. This addition guards against scratches potentially caused while loading the boot, and is alternatively available in a transparent finish. Similarly, aluminium sill trims protect the bodywork by the front door apertures, and also serve to further personalise the Tiguan.

Additional protection is available to maintain the appearance of the interior. Rubber floor mats for the front of the car are beneficial whatever the weather as a non-slip underside and easy-to-clean top surface. Versions are also available for the rear of the car.

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The boot can be subjected to anything from transporting the weekly shop to carrying pets, sporting equipment, furniture. Covering the boot with Volkswagen’s flexible boot liner could therefore be a good decision. Like the carpet mats, it is tailored to fit the specific shape of the Tiguan, and its high-grip surface prevents items from sliding around. Similarly, the accessory luggage net further prevents items from moving about. It’s easy to fit, with hooks that attach to the lashing rings in the boot.

Fitting load bars to the car’s roof provides the base system for a range of attachments. The load bars have been crash tested and can be locked to prevent theft. A robust storage bag is also available.

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With the load bars in place, Volkswagen offers a range of attachments including a bicycle holder which has also been crash tested, and doesn’t impede access to the boot. There’s also a surfboard holder, while the ski and snowboard holder carries four skis or two snowboards and can be locked.