Volkswagen has big plans for its current line-up of plug-in hybrids. In recent report made by the German car manufacturer we have found out that during 2020 we will see the plug-in hybrid versions of the Arteon and Tiguan.

As we already know, the guys from Volkswagen are already testing the future facelift variants for both of these models. As a result, we have two news: in the following months we will say Hello! to the Arteon facelift and Tiguan facelift.

Speaking of the PHEV versions there are a few voices which sais that the models will get the current powertrain available on the new Volkswagen Golf GTE.

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On the hatchback, Volkswagen uses a 1.4 liter petrol unit and an electric motor for a total of 245 horsepower. The battery pack available in the Golf GTE is able to deliver up to 50 kilometers of electric range.

The new Tiguan facelift PHEV and Arteon facelift PHEV will probably hit the European markets by late 2020 or early 2021.