Volkswagen did it again. After the impressive run during the 2018 Pikes Peak hillclimb, the ID R prototype managed to smash the Nurburgring lap record for electric cars. 

We did knew that Volkswagen is working on Nurburgring to set a new lap record, but we were very courious how much time this impressive machine will need to complete a lap on the 12.9 mile circuit.

And now we have the answer. The Volkswagen ID R smashed the lap record for electric cars at the Nurburgring with an impressive 6:05.335 minutes. As a result, the ID R was about 40 seconds faster compared to the Nio EP9, the car which held the previous record time. 

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The ID R has four electric motors which can deliver a total of 680 horsepower and it was specially developed to smash times around famous tracks.