Volkswagen Golf is one of the most loved cars by tuner houses. The same recipe is applying to the seventh generation of the German hatchback.

Today we have a very special tuning package made by Low Car Scene in collaboration with Blackbox-Richter. The guys have unveiled a Golf 7 that can glow in the dark thanks to a special foil.

The kit started with a black Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI that was covered in white phosphor foil. There are also a few accessories colored in soft-pink. When the night comes, the white turns green while the pink will glow black. 

The German tuners also updated the rims, the LED daylight running lights and the suspensions. They have installed a special ride-system called RideAir, and a new front bumper inspired from the Golf 6 R-Line.

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Source: Carscoop