A set of images revealing what appears to be the Volkswagen Golf 7 interior have surfaced on the Internet via a French publication. These images show the dashboard’s center dials and half of the center console which definitely indicates that we’re talking about a prototype model.
The same publication claims the new Volkswagen Golf 7 will enter the market in 2012, and based on what we see here, it looks like conservative design will once again be the key to winning the heart of the masses.
The center clocks look slightly different, as well as the climate control buttons which look related to the ones seen on the new generation Beetle unveiled at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show. The exterior of the Volkswagen Golf 7 will also represent a minor facelift of the current generation rather than a radical new design, and if that will be the case, then the most important changes will be under the metal sheets, where the upcoming model will use a completely new platform.

Source: L'Automobile