FifthGear took Infiniti’s 40,000 GBP luxury diesel saloon, the M30d for a test drive in order to see how it performs in comparison with some of the other respected players in this segment like the BMW 530d, the Mercedes E350 CDI or the Jaguar XF Diesel.
Inifiniti has truly made an effort in making this new saloon as competitive as possible, and by that we refer to the fact that the M30d has four wheel steering (like the BMW 5 Series), aluminium door panels (like the Audi), double glazing windows (like an older Mercedes) and an interior noise level that would make even a few of the petrol powered saloons a bit jealous.
Not only that but the 3.0-litre V6 unit from under the bonnet (rated at 235 bhp and 405 lb-ft of torque) enables 0 to 62 mph sprints in 6.9 seconds and also returns an average of 37.7 mpg (combined). CO2 levels are 199 grams per Km and while its competitors have slightly better economy figures, FifthGear thinks the level of ‘sophistication’ offered by the M30d, makes up for it.
So the conclusion is this: the Infiniti M30d is different from its rivals, but in this case different does not mean worse, it actually means very good.
Video: Infiniti M30d Test Drive

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Source: FifthGear via YouTube