It was recently named the biggest manufacturer in the world. So is no wonder the Volkswagen already managed to reach its 150 millionth car produced. We wrote when it was produced, we will now write about its owner. The 150 millionth Volkswagen is now driving along the roads in Norway: the anniversary vehicle – a Golf GTE – left the assembly line at the main plant in Wolfsburg in August.

Now, Volkswagen has delivered the car to a customer in the town of Lier not far from the Norwegian capital Oslo. 
The new owner of the anniversary vehicle, Turid Sedahl Knutsen, deliberately decided in favor of the Golf with plug-in hybrid drive.

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Norway is the frontrunner for e-mobility in Europe. Thanks to decisive joint action by the government and local authorities, power suppliers and vehicle manufacturers, e-mobility has become a popular drivetrain option for customers.

All-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles accounted for 37 percent of all new vehicle registrations in Norway in the period from January to September 2017. The Volkswagen e-Golf was the best-selling model in the market.