A few days ago, Volkswagen has announced that the CC was phased out because the selling was very poor. Now, the German car manufacturer has made another important announcement. 

Here is the Volkswagen Arteon the model that will replace the CC in the German line-up. The model will be officially showcased during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show and it will be on the market starting next summer. 

The name of the model is a combination of art” and “eon,” with the latter denoting it’s the company’s top-spec model, much like the Phideon is in China. On the design side, the Arteon is described as a four-door fastback with frameless windows. The production model will be influenced by the Sport Coupe Concept GTE, the prototype that was unveiled this year in Geneva. 

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Just like the CC, the new Volkswagen Arteon will feature a more appealing design compared to the Passat, but the interior and the engine line-up will be the same. 

Source: Volkswagen