Top Gear Season 17 Episode 2 has aired on BBC2 and BBC HD last night, and naturally that hours later, a video containing the whole thing has popped up on the Internet. 
Here’s what the video contains : James reviews the Aston Martin Viraje, a model which fills the gap between the DB9 and the DBS, which according to him, is a ‘missed opportunity’ for a car that should have been a gentleman’s express, but instead is a ‘pointless, bone shacking race car’.
We also have the challenge segment in which the boys go on European road-trip that starts in an Italian town called Lucca by driving three hot hatches (Citroen DS3 Racing, Abarth Fiat 500C and RenaultSport Clio 200 Cup). The cars prove to be huge when compared to the city’s narrow roads, but you’ll get all the fun by watching it yourself.
Towards the end of the show their road-trip turns into a racing competition, in which various Formula 1 personalities also appear, so follow the jump and hit play, and also say thank you to the guys at StreetFire.
Video: Top Gear Season 17 Episode 2

Source: StreetFire