Porsche announced that it will return to Le Mans with a new LMP1 car in 2014. Until then however, the German automaker has left us a video in which it underlines its heritage at the famous endurance track.
In case you are not aware of this, Porsche remains the most successful automaker in Le Mans history, with their total of 16 victories surpassing what Audi or Ferrari have achieved on the same track over the years.
Porsche’s most recent victory at Le Mans was in 1998 with the 911 GT1, so it will definitely be interesting to see if they will have the ability of returning at a level that will endanger today’s LMP1 class challengers, Audi and Peugeot.
What is also interesting is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the fact that Porsche and Audi, company’s which are both under the VW Group umbrella will compete against each-other at Le Mans. 
Video: Porsche announces return to Le Mans in 2014

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Source: Porsche