MTE has developed a massive tuning program for the Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 that is able to squize no less than 740 HP and 800 Nm of torque from the German hatch. We remind you that the stock version Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 produces 241 HP from its 3.2-litre VR6 engine so if you wonder how was that huge increase possible, the answer is : two GT28/71 Garrett turbochargers.
Now this next video shows the MTE Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 putting its 740 HP to ‘work’ by reaching 311 Km/h on the highway.
As you can imagine this impressive output demanded that the MTE Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 was fitted with upgraded Brembo brakes, a KW Variant 3 suspension and 18 inch BBS alloys wrapped in semi-slick tires.
If you think upgrading your old Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 to 740 HP will cost a fortune then you should know that the price for the whole kit is 25,000 Euros. 
Watch the video with the 740 HP MTE Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 after the jump.

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Video: MTE Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 with 740 HP

Source: Volkswagen