Evo Magazine already had the chance to try out the new Infiniti FX Sebatian Vettel edition, launched a year ago during Frankfurt Motor Show. The British journalists try to find out why does the limited edition costs 120.000 euro.
This unique SUV based on the V8 FX50S Premium comes with numerous components inspired from Formula 1 cars, most of which are made from carbon fiber and are playing an important role in improving the car’s drag coefficient. These mainly refer the splitter and the diffuser with the rest of the elements including the sills, the front grille, the mirror covers and the rear wing.
Instead of 390 PS the Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel version is now delivering 420 PS due to a revised ECU, and due to the fact that its speed limiter has been removed, the Japanese SUV can now reach a top speed of 300 Km/h.
The 0 to 100 Km/h sprint time has been reduced by two tenths of a second at 5.6 seconds.
Infiniti is only building 200 units of the FX Sebastian Vettel Version for Europe and Japan with prices starting at 120,000 euros or $155,641.

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Source: Infiniti