Meet the DTV Shredder, a dual tracked vehicle that looks like the skateboard style, off-road version of the Segway and which we bet will make some of you consider joining the army.
The DTV Shredder is powered by a 200cc, Honda sourced, 4-stroke engine that produces 15 HP (16 lb-ft of torque), is 14 in. high off the ground, weights 125 lbs, and it can basically handle any type of terrain, attack 40 degrees slopes, and reach speeds of over 30 mph (50 Km/h).
Designed as a modular platform to assist soldiers that deal with crisis situation, the DTV Shredder can be uses in application that include rescue and recovery, mobile surveillance, rapid response and more.
The DTV Shredder can be operated remotely and can carry a manned payload of 1200 lbs, or 700 lbs (unmanned).
Watch the video with the DTV Shredder after the jump.

Video: DTV Shredder

Source: bpg-werks