When you pay loads of money for something as expensive as say a Lamborghini Gallardo you expect the top level of service, and unfortunately for a Chinese owner, that is something he did not receive when his Italian sports car was taken to a local dealer for repairing.
Various source report that a Chinese resident from the city of Qingdao had his Lambo towed to the shops one day as the car refused to start its engine. Not only that the car was damaged during transit, but even after it returned from the shop it still faced the same ignition problem.
The owner got so angry that he decided to hire a bunch of people and destroy his Lamborghini Gallardo by hammering it in-front of a vast audience in order to send a message to the Italian automaker.
Watching this footage is kind of painful and it seems like even the guys who were hired to ‘kill’ the Lambo with their hammers are pretty afraid of hitting it to hard. 

Video: Chinese Man Protests by Destroying his Lamborghini Gallardo

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Source: MSNBC