Toyota says it will showcase the retro/old school inspired Tundra Hot Rod at this year’s SEMA Show. The project was conducted by Phoenix-based Sucker Punch Sally’s while Toyota provided a black Tundra Regular Cab 4×2.
The Toyota Tundra Hot Rod conversion includes a candy red hotrod flames, Bonneville moon hubcaps, a custom 1950’s Toyota logo in the grille, and a custom cherry bomb exhaust.
Inside the Toyota Tundra Hot Rod features a full custom tuck ‘n’ roll interior plus aditional modification that include a custom headliner, dash pad, and carpet along with hand-turned brass dashboard controls. A custom maple wood cargo deck has also been fitted.
After the SEMA Show the Toyota Tundra Hot Rod is expected to be seen at a minimum of 55 various consumer events over the next year.

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Source: Toyota