Toyota will start offering new safety technology across the range at an affordable price. It is a promise the Japanese manufacturer first made in November 2014, and with the introduction of the new RAV4 Hybrid and 2016 Lexus RX will become reality.
The safety systems are brought together in an affordable package called Toyota Safety Systems (TSS) or Lexus Safety System+. They are designed to support the driver’s awareness, decision making and vehicle operation over a wide range of speeds. Packaged together in an integrated system, their features help address three key areas of accident protection: preventing or mitigating rear collisions, keeping drivers within their lane, and enhancing road safety during night time driving.
TSS will be offered in the form of two packages: Toyota Safety Sense C for compact cars and TSS P for mid-sized and premium models will be available as an optional accessory from approximately $300 and $500, respectively. Lexus Safety System+ aims to further expand the use of these systems across luxury models, integrating active safety features into an optional accessory priced from approximately $500 to $635.

will initially be available on the RAV4 and Avalon, and three additional models which will be announced later this year. LSS+ will initially be available on RX, and four additional models to be announced later this year.
The Toyota Safety Sense C package features three proprietary active safety technologies: Pre-collision System (PCS), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), and Automatic High Beam (AHB). Toyota Safety Sense P combines a camera and millimeter-wave radar for enhanced performance and reliability.
In addition to the three active safety technologies included in the Toyota Safety Sense C package, the Pre-collision System offered with this package also includes a pedestrian detection function. In addition, Toyota Safety Sense P offers Radar Cruise Control functionality.
Lexus Safety System+ integrates several of Lexus’s existing active safety technologies: under certain conditions the Pre-Collision System (PCS) helps prevent and mitigate collisions; Lane Departure Alert (LDA) helps prevent vehicles from departing from their lanes; and Automatic High Beam (AHB) helps ensure enhanced forward visibility during nighttime driving.

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