The latest comparison test video comes from the guys at iMotorTV that put the Toyota Prius compete against the Honda Insight in four categories : pollution, pose, price and performance.
Toyota Prius specs: power comes from a 1.8-litre petrol engine engine that outputs 98 hp plus an electric engine that generates an extra 36 hp. As far as emissions there are 89 grams of CO2 released into the atmosphere per Km.
Honda Insight specs: the 1.3-litre engine develops 88 hp while its electric motor ads an extra 30 hp. 101 grams of CO2 are pumped into the air every Km.  
As the video shows the Toyota Prius finished the quarter mile drag race in 17 seconds which was 3 seconds faster than the Honda Insight and when it comes to associating brands with hybrid cars then Toyota came on top again. The only category the Honda Insight had an advantage was pricing which starts at 15,490 GBP , making it 2,880 GBP cheaper than the Toyota Prius. Watch the Toyota Prius vs Honda Insight video after the jump.
Toyota Prius vs Honda Insight video :

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Source: iMotorTV via YouTube