Toyota managed to keep the sales crown in 2014 after it delivered 10.23 million cars. Compared to 2013, the Toyota Motor Company sales have increased by 3 percent, and also hit the 10 million mark for the first time. 

However, the Japanese firm is expecting a 1 percent decrease in 2015 due to slower demand in Japan and emerging markets. In the second place of the top came Volkswagen Group. The Germans also managed to hit the 10 million milestone with a total of 10.14 million cars. According to analysts, in 2015 VW Group will take the crown from Toyota

On the last position of the podium came General Motors with a 2 percent increase and 9.92 million units sold. As you may have read, GM held the title for almost 8 decades until 2008 when Toyota grabbed the crown. In 2011 GM took back the title but a year later Toyota snatched the crown again.

Source: Toyota