Toyota has published the first teaser image of an all-new concept car. Named Toyota i-TRIL Concept it will be showcased during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the event which will kick off in early March. 

The new Toyota i-TRIL Concept is positioned as an "alternative to city cars, other electric vehicles and motorcycles" and it is "aimed at people who want to have fun even while driving at small speeds around cities". 

But more important than that is the autonomous driving tech which is fitted in the Toyota i-TRIL Concept. The vehicle was developed in collaboration with the guys from ED2 design studio in Nice, France, and features a one-plus-two seating layout. Also, the vehicle has a system that angles it during cornering to increase stability. The latter technology is known as Active Lean. 

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New details about the Toyota i-TRIL Concept will be announced during the Geneva Motor Show.