A second concept from Toyota that will premiere in Tokyo this month is the FT-EV II compact electric vehicle.
The Toyota FT-EV II electric vehicle concept is designed for traveling short distances in urban areas and even though is is smaller than the iQ model the company says it is still able to accommodate four seats on board.
The Toyota FT-EV II concept uses the drive-by-wire technology and a fully charged battery will help the small compact car travel for more than 50 miles. Top speeds that can be achieved are above 60 mph and the motor control technology developed by Toyota part of the vehicle’s hybrid powering system offers smooth and quiet rides.
Toyota press release :
World debut for FT-EV II compact electric vehicle concept
Tokyo will also mark the world debut of the FT-EV II, a compact electric vehicle designed for short distance travel. Its design and technology look to a future society where EVs will be in common use, among a range of different means of transport that will reflect user requirements, the type of energy used and the local energy supply infrastructure.
FT-EV II is a high-quality vehicle concept, designed primarily for urban driving with a body that is even more compact than that of the Toyota iQ, but still with room for four seats on board.
Drive-by-wire technology allows all the vehicle functions to be controlled using a joystick, including the accelerator, brakes and steering. Removing the throttle and brake pedals frees up legroom for the four-seat design.
The exterior features a low front cowl and an additional window below the level of the windscreen to give extra forward visibility. To improve safety through the quality of all-round vision, the rear lamp clusters are see-through LED units. To ensure easy access in tight spots, there are electric sliding doors on both sides.
Top speed is above 60mph and a full-charged battery will give a range of more than 50 miles, which is ample for most urban journeys. The ride is quiet and comfortable with smooth acceleration, thanks to Toyota-developed motor control technology, itself part of the hybrid system that sits at the heart of the company’s environmental technologies.
FT-EV II Concept Dimensions
Length (mm)         2,730
Width (mm)          1,680
Height (mm)         1,490
Wheelbase (mm)   1,900
The 41st Tokyo motor show will run from 24 October to 4 November at the Makuhari Messe.

Source: Toyota