Ok, so thanks to the recent brochure scans that have been leaked online these past few day, we now know how the production version Toyota FT-86 will look like. Well thanks to yet another leaked image, this time taken straight from a training manual, we might have an understanding what the FT086 is capable of in terms of performance and efficiency.
So here are the Toyota FT-86 specs :
Dimensions –  4,240mm in length, 1,775mm in width, and 1,285mm height, with a 2,570mm long wheelbase.
Engine – a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder Boxer unit producing 197 HP (147 kW) at 7,000 rpm and 250 Nm (150 lb-ft) of torque at 6,600 rpm.
The base manual version FT-86 Coupe weights around 1,210 Kg (2,662 lbs) while the automatic variant tips the scale at 1,230 Kg (2,711lbs).
Fuel consumption figures for the manual version are 13 Km/l (the equivalent of 7.7-litres per 100 Km or 30.6 mpg US rating) while the automatic is expected to return 12.4 Km/l (which means around 8.0-litres per 100 Km and 29.17 US mpg).
This data was translated from Japanese and on the spec sheet the FT-86 details are shown in comparison with the Mazda MX-5, RX-8 and Honda CR-Z.

Source: FT86club