Every petrolhead in the world must be aware of the Toyota FJ. The Japanese model managed to give us some good vibes in the 90’s. But with the Millennials, Toyota has to draw another card and play it straight. This is why the Japanese car manufacturer has unveiled the Toyota FT-4X Concept during the 2017 New York Auto Show. 

Based on the C-Segment Toyota New Global Architecture, the Toyota FT-4X Concept was designed by Toyota’s Calty Design Research studio in California. The model has a rugged charm and it is adressed to the Millennials. 

The car is 8 inches lower to the ground and 16 inches shorter compared to the FJ Cruiser. For your info, the new FT-4X Concept has the same footprint as the C-HR SUV. The concept has a white roof, a wide front grille and vertical rear-quarter glass. 

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The Toyota FT-4X Concept is described as a four-wheel drive toolbox and features anchor points on both bumpers and reinforced flat roof to the outlets in the back for powering camping gear and the North Face sleeping bag stowed between the front seats.
The cabin space was divedid into a clean zone and a wet zone. There is also a rear cargo zone for special stuff that you don’t want in the cabin. We don’t know if Toyota is planning a production version of this concept.


Source: Toyota