The first Top Gear USA Season 1 promo videos have started airing on the History Channel, and we are beeing told that the show will take off on November 21.
Top Gear USA’s hosts are Rutledge Wood, Tanner Foustand and Adam Ferrara who seem to act like themselves, which we think wroks better rather than try and develop own ‘personalities’. Of course the initial reaction from most of us is to compare TG USA with the original British show, and these American kids might not be as charming as Clarkson, Hammond and May, but the footage shown in these promo videos seems pretty promissing, so lets not complain about it before we even see what is all about. 
Watch the Top Gear USA Season 1 promo video after the jump.

Top Gear USA Season 1 promo video :

Promo video no. 2

Source: YouTube