We all know how important is that the navigation system installed in our car is up to date and recognizes all the roads in the country we are travelling. TomTom knows how important is this for its clients, so it has updated its maps and added new countries.
More exactly, TomTom announces the addition of navigable maps for thirteen new countries. TomTom’s global map database now covers over 45.6 million kilometres and 4.3 billion people worldwide, and features full navigable coverage for 134 countries. This is very close to covering all the countries in the world.
Global map enhancements include the launch of navigable, turn-by-turn maps for Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Iraq, Ghana, Rwanda and Burundi.
There is also the introduction of Address Points to enable better geocoding and navigation in Austria, Luxemburg, Turkey and South Africa. The significant growth in Address Point coverage for South East Asia reaching 3.6 million. Also, Points of Interest grow in Mexico, bringing count to more than 3 million.
The update also includes the launch of 3D Map for Singapore and the debut of visualisation products for the Middle East, with an Advanced City Model of Riyadh and 2D City Maps for 15 cities.