Porsche has officially unveiled the 99X Electric racer. The model was painted in Porsche’s traditional motorsport colours of white, black and read and behind the wheel of the 99X Electric will be Neel Jani and Andre Lotterer. 

Porsche will use this car to compete in the 2019-2020 Formula E and it will be the German car manufacturer’s first year in this competition. In Formula E, all cars have to be the same, apart from the management and performance system. 

As a result, the Porsche 99X Electric has a minim weight of 900 kilograms and a peak power of 340 horsepower. This amount of power will be used in qualifying mode. In Race Mode, the Porsche drivers will have only 272 horsepower. There is also an Attack mode which comes with 320 horsepower, while the top 340 HP can be used only if one of the drivers is voted on the Fan Boost page. 

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The not to 100 km/h is done in 2.8 seconds, while the top speed is clocked at 280 km/h. The battery has 52 kWh.