Peugeot is back in the pick-up truck business with the all new 2018 Peugeot Pick-up model. The model was specially designed for Africa and it will go on sale in September. 

The new 2018 Peugeot Pick-up is 5.08 meters long and has a ground clereance of 210 or 215 milimeters depending on model. It has a rigid rear axle, Yokohama tyres as standard and a great load zone. 

The new 2018 Peugeot Pick-up load zone is 1.4 meters long and 1.39 meters wide and features some anchoring hooks on the outside. The side walls and the rear panel are covered with a protective resin to add rigidity. The maximum ppayload of the car is 815 kiograms.

Under the hood of the 2018 Peugeot Pick-up is a 2.5 liter diesel unit rated at 115 horsepower and 280 Nm peak of torque. The engine is matted to a five speed gearbox and can be ordered in 4×4 or 4×4 layout. 

Source: Peugeot