If you have enough money to spend on a chair than this is the product you definitely need to have. Porsche has found a nice solution to bring to your office the racing atmosphere. 

This new office chair is called Chair RS and it is a sport seat that you can find in any 911 Carrera GTS or GT3 model. According to Porsche the chair is covered with the same leather Alcantara, and contrasting red stitching that are used in the sports cars.

More than that, the Chair RS has electrically-adjustable backrest which is powered by a rechargeable battery. And now the price. Porsche is asking for this chair $6,750. This piece of office is made in Germany but if you want the regular version you will have to pay $5,690.

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On the online accessories shop you will also find a Porsche 911 Turbo wheel rim clock ($2,299) or a GT3 Cup shelf ($4,230).

Source: Porsche