Alfa Romeo and Zagato coachbuilder worked to develop a new one-of a kind car. It is called Giulia SWB Zagato and was a 100th anniversary gift in order to celebrate the centeray of Zagato and Alfa Romeo collab.

The car was commisioned by a German client who has some other Zagato models in the garage. The Giulia SWB started as a Giulia Quadrifoglio with GTAm specifications. One important fact is that the six speed manual transmission was kept in favour of the eighst speed automatic found on the GTAm. The V6 2.9 liter engine comes with 540 horsepower.

As you can see, the four door sedan has been converted into a two door coupe. Also, inside the cabin there is room only for two. The wheelbase has been shortened, and the exterior has been completely altered in Zagato style.

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Only one Giulia SWB was made, and for these launch pictures, it was taken to the “La Pista” circuit in Arese. After that, the car was shipped in Germany.