Everrati is one of the UK-based companies that can offer an electric conversion pack for your old car. Recently, the have developed a special electric pack for the Land Rover Series II, and now, they have strike again.

According to the Brits, if you own an old Range Rover or the first generation Defender, you can order an electric conversion kit.

One of the most interesting facts is that this kit is reversible. If you got tired to go electric, you can always come back to Everrati and install the old combustion engine.

The electric pack comes with a new OEM-frade three-phase AC motor, single-speed gearbox, and battery pack, optimizing the layout for the best weight distribution. There are not details about the performances or about the electric range, but we can be sure Everrati did a good job.

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Pricing for an electric Range Rover Classic starts at 278,000 USD, while for the Defender you’ll have to pay 224,000 USD.